january, 2022

20janAll Day30Charged PunksCharged punks are the new upcoming revolutionary NFTs in the NFT space which are inspired by CyberKongz. They are a collection of 5555 stakeable NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain which generates $CHARGE ( ERC-20 token ) every 24 hours, which holders can redeem whenever they want and exchange it for WRAPPED ETH or any other ERC-20 token on a dex exchange like Sushiswap.MintEthereum





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Charged punks is a collection of 5555 stakeable NFTs living in Ethereum blockchain generating $CHARGE, which the holders can redeem and exchange for ETH or any other ERC-20 token on a DEX like Sushiswap. Charged Punks is an NFT Collection inspired by CyberKongz. 

Popular NFTs like CyberKongz with ERC-20 token aww their price rise by up to 10000% after launching and Charged punks are going to be one of them. This new form of passive income is only at its early stage like bitcoin was in 2013.There are only a very few NFTs, available that can generate passive income at this time, and Charged Punks aims to be one of them. 

There will be only 5555 unique Charged punks NFTs forever, and the price of a punk will never touch the MINT price. So the best time to get into the project is now.After the minting process is over, Charged Punks team will start a massive marketing campaign. Like any other NFT, your Punks will be safely stored in the Ethereum Blockchain and the image and metadata will be stored in the IPFS, and you will own the complete copyright over the art.

Charged Punks are here to become the Next big Passive Income Generating NFT project like CYBERKONGZ !

Total supply: 5555

Mint price: 0.1 ETH

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