About us

A group of designers, developers and NFT enthusiasts, ready to bring your company into the Metaverse. We will design and develop a complete NFT collection, ready to be sold to the public through your own NFT Minting website.



Creating your NFT collection of 100, 1000 or 10 000 unique pieces, ready to be sold on OpenSea or your own marketplace. We will design a one of a kind character, pixel or cartoon style, develop individual traits and backgrounds. Metadata included.


NFTs are powered by smart contracts which handle transferability and verify ownership. We will create and deploy a smart contract on the blockchain whilst implementing your individual needs and ideas, in order to maximize the potential of your project.


Now it’s time to bring your project to life and start selling. We will create a customized website, where people will be able to MINT your NFT collection. The only things your customers will need are a crypto wallet and enthusiasm for your upcoming project!


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